Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Good Thing

I've been absent for a while.  The truth is, we've just been waiting.  Waiting for our references and background checks to come back.  Waiting to hear from the agency.  Waiting so that we can wait even longer.  Very boring stuff.  Sometimes it's easier for me to not even think about the process.  I like to distract myself with life.  Now that I finished final exams today, there will be less to distract myself with.  I am planning on working as much as possible over the holiday break though.  That will help.

I actually feel guilty for not posting in November.  It was National Adoption month.  I felt a responsibility to say something about it, but I ignored that nagging little feeling.  Tyler and I did attend an information meeting at our church, hosted by the adoption group there.  There was a lot of information about the community and adoption resources.  Overall the meeting wasn't helpful for us, but it was nice meeting people in the adoption group.  I also recently approached the CEO of the hospital that I work at, regarding the Adoption Support Program at Parker Adventist Hospital.  I shared with him what the program does at Parker and that I believe our hospital should be doing something similar.  He listened and I believe that he will follow up.  

So why the sudden post?  I received an update email from our adoption counselor.  Apparently she's quitting and this Friday is her last day.  The woman taking over for her is nice (if it's who I think it is).  I may even like her better, so hopefully this is a good thing.  I didn't always like the way our previous counselor communicated with me.  I felt like I was very clear with my questions, but wouldn't always get answers to what I was asking.  I liked her, but it felt like I was forcing myself to trust her.  I think it's important to have a good relationship with the person helping us through this process, so it's weird to have to switch counselors in the middle of this process.  I really do hope this is a good thing.

She also said that our background checks and references have come back, so the new counselor will be contacting us in the next two weeks to start our homestudy!  This is extremely exciting and nerve racking news!