Monday, August 8, 2011

Unless You've Recently Been Arrested

Recently we visited the Louisville, Colorado Police Department.  The Louisville Police Department was one of the few places that offered fingerprinting in the morning.  Most were afternoon or evening hours.  It was much easier for us to go there in the am, before Tyler had to head to work just down the street. 
We both actually felt a little nervous on the way there.  We don’t know if it was a little bit of excitement or nervousness, it kind of felt as though we had done something wrong.  As always though, it was exciting to get one more item on our Adoption To Do List, done! 
            We arrived earlier than our appointment, so we signed in, wrote the check, and had a seat.  When the lady peaked her head out of a locked door, she called out “9:45.”  We briefly debated over who should go first and the woman then asked if we were together.  Because we had consecutive appointments, she let us go back at the same time.
            We passed through the security door and walked down a long corridor, planked with meeting rooms and offices.  We turned left at the end of the hallway and then through another secure door, with a little blue sign on the wall that read, “booking.”  Hopefully that will be the only visit either of us ever makes to a booking room.
            Now, unless you’ve recently been arrested, fingerprinting is not what you think it is.  We took our turns standing in front of the fingerprinting machine as the woman entered our demographic information into a computer.  After she verified our information, the fingerprinting began.  She sprayed our fingers with water, then held them on a glass plate, where a red laser “photocopied” or fingerprints.  That’s our best layman’s explanation anyway.  She then printed our fingerprint cards and showed us the way out.  Chelsie managed to snap a picture of the process and then we posed for some goofy celebratory pictures outside…

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  1. I like the mug shots and I agree. I hope it's the only trip you make to a booking room too! : )