Thursday, September 22, 2011

We're Totally Certifiable

It’s official!  All of our friends can now entrust us with their little ones while they enjoy a date night.  We’re CPR and First Aid Certified.  Seriously, we promise not to ignore your children while we make out on the couch. Or to be on our phones the entire time they’re here.  See, we already sound way better than the fifteen year old down the street.

The classes weren’t bad at all.  Brenda, our instructor, had quite the sense of humor and had plenty of stories to tell.  This was great for Tyler, as it helped to keep his interest.  Tyler’s favorite story was about a little boy that discovered he could see his sphincter muscle in the mirror, and while watching himself he somehow decided that it would be a good idea to hide his toy car in there.  It was pretty funny to hear about, but I bet his parents were mortified.

I left the class wanting to immediately turn the water heater down, change out all of the fire alarm batteries, write our fire escape plan, and purchase all the safety equipment we need.  But in the name of not wanting to be a neurotic overly worried parent, I haven’t done any of those things yet.

Coming up in October, we have our Adoptive Baby Care class and our 13 hours of Domestic Infant Adoption training (over 2 days).  We’ll then have the 16 hours of training that Colorado law requires.  We’re also turning in our completed contract and formal application paperwork along with our initial payment next week.  Then it’s time to start preparing for our home study.

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